Fresh & Frozen Seafoods.
Sea-Line bring you the widest range of the finest seafood, both Indian favourites and World Seafood. Brought to you from the choicest fishing grounds around the world, Including: Prawns,Crabs,Lobsters,Squid,Cuttlefish,Pomfrets,Mackerel,sardines and much more...

Fresh & Frozen Vegetables.
We exceed customer expectations through our guaranteed commitment to quality, food safety standards and sustainable growing practices. Garden Fresh Vegetables'
including: onions, Chilli, potato, tomatoes, carrots, Drum stick, and much more...
Fresh & Frozen Coconut Products.
Coconuts and coconuts products are full of nutritional content and are very beneficial for health. We are counted as one of the leading Suppliers of Coconut and Exporters.
Including: Fresh Coconut, Desiccated coconut powder, Coconut milk and powder Coconut Drinks,Coconut Oil and much more...
Fresh & Frozen Fruits.
We are a specialist in the procurement and supply of global fresh and frozen fruits,
Including: Apples,Bananas,Citrus Fruits,Grapes,Mangoes,Kiwifruit and much more...
Tires & Battaries.
Sea-Line is proud to offer the lowest prices on the largest selection of Truck and Passenger tires, Industrial and off road tires. Choose the tires you need, and let us export them to you fast and efficiently. We are the exclusive agent of Taiwan , Indian and Chines tires, beside that we offer from USA, Japan, Netherland,Korea,etc....
Wood & Furnitures.
We supply a variety of solid wood & furniture ranging from beds, chairs, tables, console, sofa, stool, cabinet, armoir, bedside, dining and others. Our products are done by an experienced carpenters from India & Indonesia . If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Cement & Construction Material.
Sea-Line supply the most accurate products to meet the client's goal while affording the best quality and value.Construction Materials including cement, reinforcement bars, bricks, sand, aggregates, asphalt, ceramics, concrete tiles, mosaic tiles, steel and wood doors and windows ...

Welcome to Sea-Line International

Sea-Line International . is a full trading service company with processing and manufacturing unit, established in India and Operating from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,Bahrain,Qatar,UAE and Oman, that offers its services not only in the India home market but also in the Middle East, Africa and Central European markets. We enjoy the great credits of both: products that are competitively priced and personalized service. We actually represent companies worldwide and particularly from Asia, Europe and CIS, nowadays we are one of the leading companies to offer: all sorts of Fresh and Frozen foods, Sea Foods,Fresh coconuts, Desiccated coconut powder, coconut milk powder, coconut oil, coconut drinks and Coconut oil etc....

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Offering export service to Middle East, Europe, South America, Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, and the Caribbean Islands.

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If you wish to contact Sea-Line International, you can contact our export representitive as follows.

Address: P.O Box: 688005, Alpy, Kerala - India,
Telephone: +91 95 44 77 90 92
Fax: +91 75 61 82 28 29

Saudi: +966 53 30 99 291
Dubai: +971 50 80 60 385